How To Adjust Hot Water On Delta Monitor Shower

Whether you’re at work, out of town and can’t find the instructions for the delta monitor shower you just installed, or you’ve got a sinking feeling that something isn’t quite right with it – well now you know how to fix any problems!

How to adjust hot water on delta monitor shower

If you have a delta monitor shower, you may find it difficult to adjust the hot water temperature. There are three ways to adjust the hot water temperature on a delta monitor shower: using the thermostat, using the selector valve, or using the hot water temperature dial. To use the thermostat, turn the thermostat to the desired temperature and wait until it reads at or near that temperature. Then push the contact button to send heat to the shower head. To use the selector valve, hold down one of the two handles and turn the selector lever to choose between hot and cold water. To use the hot water temperature dial, hold down one of the two handles and turn the dial to choose between hot and cold water. It is important to note that adjusting these settings will not change how much hot water comes out of each faucet; it will only change how much heat is sent to each shower head.

Tips for Adjusting the Delta Monitor Shower

Please note that certain Delta Monitor showers may require the installation of an adapter if the water pressure is too high. If you have any questions about this, please call Delta customer service at 1-800-411-3483.

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If your Delta Monitor shower is not performing as well as it should, there are a few things you can do to adjust the water temperature. To start, turn off the water supply to the shower by turning the main knob to OFF. Next, check to see if the hot and cold faucet knobs are both turned all the way to HARD or IF YOU ARE using a COLD WATER FOUNTAIN: turn it to MEDIUM. Finally, adjust the water heater hose by turning it just slightly towards hotter or colder water.


To adjust the temperature on your Delta Monitor Shower, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, find the “temp” knob on the back of the shower head. The Temp Knob will have one of four symbols in it: an hourglass, a thermometer, a flame, or aSettings button. Slide the Temp Knob towards the “Warm Water” position until it says “+12*,” and then slide it away from that position to say “-12*.” Next, locate the “temp” dial on the wall near your showerhead. Look for numbers around 75 degrees or warmer (in Fahrenheit), and turn up the temp dial as necessary to match these temperatures. Finally, pressurize your water with either of these two buttons: “H2O+L3,” which will increase air pressure in your line; or “H2O-L3,” which will decrease air pressure in your line.